About Soliha Designs

The Philippines is full of talented craftspeople many of whom have been honing their craft for decades and handing down their skills through generations. Some were introduced as far back as the Spanish occupation from the 16-19th centuries.


Our hand-woven rugs and throws are a great example of this. Made on large timber looms, the weaver stretches the fibres across the frame as it clacks back and forth. This work takes patience to perform and years to perfect.


Our crochet bags are handmade, sustainable, vegan, ethically produced, hand wearing, and totally unique. They share a story about the women who make them.


We are lucky to have uncovered these gems and a number of other gorgeous handcrafted products. We’re proud to be part of the slow fashion movement and to partner with the Filipino craftspeople who create our beautiful products.


We advocate for products of style, individuality and distinction with an inspiring story.

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The bar is versatile and can be used in the home as a bar and storage cabinet, cocktail bar in a resort, reception desk in a restaurant, counter in a shop or clothing boutique, or a front desk in a hairdressing salon.

We designed it with the idea of creating something beautiful that can be used for having a quiet drink or entertaining a crowd that also has a practical application.


The screen can be used in a decorative sense to soften parts of a large space or to conceal part of a room. In a commercial sense it can be used to hide; a trade or service entrance, the kitchen door of a restaurant or restrooms and amenities.

In the home the screen has the ability to create new zones or areas. It can soften the feel of a room by breaking up hard corners or dead spaces.  It is a beautiful addition to any room adding warmth, texture and atmosphere.